horses-bHorse Riding - After a brief explanation about horses, each participant will be coached on safe riding. We will tour the pastoral Ramot Menashe area and live the local morning experience riding the horses along the brooks. Professional training and individual insurance make it ideal for the inexperienced.


Guided Bike Riding - Tired of office routine? Interested in a unique and cohesive outdoor experience? It's high time for a bike ride! Our licensed bike tour guides will be happy to accompany you on a tour on top-notch mountain bikes, together with a support vehicle. So stretch your limbs and relax in the ultimate outdoors experience.


Guided Tour: "Mei Kedem" - Aqueduct,Alona Park - Mei Kedem (Ancient water) is a unique archeological site. This archeological site is part of a Roman-Byzantine waterworks supplying the old city of Caesarea.   A280 meter stretch of tunnel out of a total length of   6 kilometers has been cheerfully restored. Dress comfortably and prepare to wet your feet (not recommended during the winter).


Days of Old Binyamina: In the Footsteps of Ehud Manor's Lyrics - The tour passes through the late poet's childhood landscapes and follows the happy and painful milestones of his life, the places and views which inspired his lyrics. This two-hour musical voyage – both touching and funny – will include group karaoke.


Spiritual tours - with an emphasis on togetherness with nature, connectedness to the here-and-now, with a variety of seasonal options (guided imagery, women's circles, relaxation, positive thinking, tarots, and more).


Guided winetour - combining fascinating explanations about the wine production process and wine tasting. We can also offer you a deeper wine experience with a professional wine workshop hosted by a wine expert.


Guided tours - to ancient Caesarea, Zichron Yaacov and Ramat Hanadiv Gardens , Aloney Yitzhak Reserve, Ein Zur Springs, local brooks and more 


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