Stress Relief and Peacefulness in Everyday Life - It's time for you to take a break, forget your concerns for a moment, and come to terms with the tension and stress you have hitherto ignored – to seek healing and inner peace. This informal and enjoyable workshop combines teamwork and cohesion with individualized learning. It gives you a taste of soothing massages along or as part of the workshop proper. It is particularly appropriate for workers under stress with long computer hours, or for education and therapy professionals.



Cohesion through Play - How to meet the other without our usual masks and allow ourselves, if only briefly, to let go and simply be what we are? Using a variety of social games and straightforward teamwork tools combined with music and movement, we will find the way to group cohesion, encouragement and meeting on a higher plain.



 Laughter workshops - Life much simpler, if instead of taking them so seriously we would just laugh at them… Discover the healing power of laughter! This experiential, active, empowering and mainly funny workshop is designed to convert stress and stress and attrition into positive feelings and joie de vivre. The last session includes a show produced by the participants in which they turn personal materials into a hilarious standup act.


Responsiveness – (encouragement without envy) - When was the last time you paid a true compliment? When did you truly listen – without reacting and disagreeing – just listen from the heart? Paying compliments and listening to others offer great opportunities to get to know one another and enhance our relationships. Apparently so accessible, and yet such rare opportunities in our life the way we choose to pace it. We offer you an exceptional workshop for true connectedness.


Day Of Giving – A special day we offer besides the usual cohesion days for groups. The first part of the day will include a special workshop about “giving”, to others and to me. After the workshop we’ll go out to volunteers in the community near by. It is possible, of course, to combine our great meals and others attractions.



ODT Team Building Activities - Out Doors training refers to a wide range of activities designed for improving team performance.Team building is pursued via a variety of practices, and can range from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations and multi-day team building retreats designed to develop a team. read more about Team Building



Excursions and Attractions - Bamerkaz is located in an area steeped in history, nature, art and mostly beauty. Adjacent towns include ancient Caesarea to the west, Zichron Yaacov to the north and the Ein Hod artist community overlooking the Mediterranean fromMount Carmel  . Apart from activities within the center itself, we offer guided tours and excursions in the area, with trekking, bike- and horse-riding options, or in any other way you see fit… 


Spa and Pampering - Candles and incense in an intimate treatment room, with top professionals offering a variety of approaches: traditional shiatsu, Thai, Swedish or deep tissue massage, reflexology and more. The treatments may be integrated with workshop activities or enjoyed separately. 


Cooking workshop - The finest kosher foods become a work of art in front of your very eyes, on a balcony with a perfect Tuscany landscape. We offer premium beef combined with the best of local wines. You can choose to remain spectators or join in an active cooking workshop. wide range of kitchens for your choice



Chocolate Delights - This workshop combines creativeness with good taste! An expert chocolatier will teach you how to make chocolate using various techniques – each participant will learn how to prepare delicious chocolate deserts. The workshop includes a lecture, tasty work and, of course, a sweet surprise to take home.


Go into the Beat - Drummer Circle - Join the seductive rhythm of West African drums combined with a variety of other authentic percussion instruments. Drumming requires a lot of concentration, but also letting go, coordination together with relaxation – sounds complicated? Far from it! It's simply a lot of fun.


Positive Thinking and Stress Management - This workshop is dedicated for executives and employees working under stress, designed to get to know one's environmental and personal stressors and their health and work performance implications. This experiential workshop offers significant learning using straightforward, enjoyable and team-enhancing tools.


My Own Movie” team workshop - Haven't you always dreamt of acting in a movie? Here's your ticket! This unique workshop offers you the opportunity to be an actor for a day. Auditions, goofs, and costumes galore make for an unforgettable experience culminating in a gala screening of your own private film.



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