Our center

"Bamerkaz", or "Centered" (in English), is located in the picturesque village of Givat Ada , right at the center of Israel

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just 45 minutes away from two major Israeli cities: Tel Aviv to the south and Haifa to the north.

Our balcony overlooks the beautiful landscape of the area, which reminiscent Tuscany: orchards, groves, vines and green pastures. The colors and scents from outside echo within and articulated in the site's design and atmosphere.

We specialize in hosting and producing group indoor and outdoor activities: for recreation, learning and team cohesion, including a range of exciting workshops focused on experiential sessions with added individual and group value, all in an enchanting country atmosphere.

Bamerkaz produces a wide variety of company/organization events in Israel’s most beautiful landscapes: Corporate Fun Days, Team Building & Management Development Workshops, integration and communication between groups, Day tours, event planning and more - Always great fun involved with some learning for unforgettable experience.

Our vicinity to the tranquil Israeli outdoors, the unique value-added contents we offer, and – last but far from least – our exquisite meals – all provide a whole and wholesome experience with a revitalizing local twist. 


Fun Group Workshops

Together with the group, we create an original, enhancing and unforgettable day. This day can include, apart for our workshops (see below), quality excursions in the area (see below), superb breakfasts, brunches and lunches, and many more attractions... 


Who Can Come to Us ?

Every one: Any group from 4 to 400 people. In every Age: From 8 to 80. It can be a team work groups, a leading group in a firm or organization, some friends who want a different recreation, some managers in a business trip, AS a families attraction or family event, or even a group of tourists in a day tour In Israel. 


Call Us

For a price offer, please mail us or call at +972-4-6380648, Sundays to Thursdays from 9am to 4pm. Our staff is always available for any inquiries. 


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  4. Call us at +972-4-6380648 Address: POB 1306, Givat Ada 37808 ISRAEL